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At Micro Melt Pvt. Ltd, we have appointed qualified and experienced staff working in foundry technology for more than twenty years. Investment casting is not our job but it is our passion that makes us different from other manufacturers and exporters in India. The company was started in 1994 and technically led by educated and skilled Board of Directors. Micro Melt Pvt. Ltd is situated in Shapar Industrial which is 15kms away from Rajkot city in Gujarat, India. The great thing is that it is well connected by road, rail and bus.

We are the manufacturers and exporters of ferrous and non - ferrous investment castings with extensive experience in different metal castings like stainless steel, super alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel, and duplex steel of excellent quality. We have latest, sophisticated and ultra modern testing equipments, instruments, and machineries that assure highest degree of precision and accuracy during production and development. We are producing casting components who weight lie between 10gms to 50 kg with wide manufacturing range of metals.

We offer customized solutions to our clients tailored to individual needs and budget. At MMPL, our primary target is customer satisfaction. As we know, it is the customers responsible for growth of any business or industry.

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Features and Advantage
  • We have extensive experience in creating complex casting components with flexible design schemes
  • Precision and accuracy are the dimensions we are working on
  • We offer steel casting components with excellent surface finish
  • Increasing productivity by eliminating cumbersome machine operations
  • Offering appreciable casting solution in your budget
  • We offer wide range of metal selection according to your requirements
  • Gate valves and Pumps
  • Auto components
  • Industrial Machineries
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • Agricultural equips.
  • Machine Tools
  • Fire fighting equips.
  • Textile & Sewing Machines
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Defense equips.
  • Printing Machineries
  • Dental/Orthopedic Implants
  • Power Hand tools
  • Transportation equipments 
  • Food Processing Machineries, etc....

Quick Inquiry

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