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Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Well equipped labororatory with spectrometer (Spectrolab, Germany) & wet chemical analysis lab for analysing all chemical elements.
Physical testing laboratory
Well equipped with universal tensile testing machine, hardness testing machine, impact testing & other physical testing as per standard practise together carried our at well developed & recognised ancillary facility.
Metallurgical Laboratory
Well equipped with metallurgical microscope with image analyzer to check grain size, inclusion level, grain boundary etc. Corroision testing as per standard practise carried out at recognised ancillary facility.
Pattern Waxes & Binders- Testing & Development:
Continuous testing & In-house development of pattern waxes, binders & binder formulations required for process control & quality improvement.
Non Destructive Testing
In-house facility for liquid penetrant (D.P Test) inspection, together with well developed recognised ancillary facility for radiography

IBR Approved

Approved Sub Supplier of Castings - N.T.P.C

Minimum customer complaint by 2% per annum
Delivery performance 99% per annum
Reduction in waste by 3% per annum