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When we began our quest to manufacture ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings, we were posed with several challeneges pertaining to technology. Being in the industry, we have always been adaptable to changes that have been coming in technology as renowned casting manufacturers India-based. Therefore, we have employed the most expedient and the most prefered methods of manufacturing investment castings in different metals. Throughout the country, there is a wave of great technological boom and this can be said even for the investment castings manufacturing process that are used for manufacturing top class intricate instruments and instrument parts.

Investment casting process in detail:

We, at Micro Melt, are a leading casting manufacturers, India has and this is why we do not compromise in the quality of tiniest and most intricate machine tool parts for which we have gained worldwide recognition.

The first step is to make appropriate dye for the part required. We, at Micro Melt, understand the importance of every step that goes into the investment casting process. Thereafter, the next step is to make wax pattern for the necessary tool part. This wax pattern is destroyed after the alloy sets firm and the casting is done. However, since the entire wax pattern will be destroyed in the process of setting the casting metal, a separate pattern has to be made for every part.

Wax is molded in the same complicated pattern in which you want and then attached to the wax bar that acts as a central support for the patterns, into which the mold is molten and poured. The entire wax pattern is dipped in a slurry to increase the thickness of the ceramic refractory in to which the mold is poured. Over the wax collecting tray the wax is molten and the ceramic part remains. In to this ceramic mold again, the molten metal is poured to get the accurate size and shape of the tool part.

We, at Micro Melt, have a designated set of molds for different tools at our factory for our clients to make a choice and only after getting the right measurements and dimensions we proceed with the investment casting process.
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