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There are plenty of casting foundries worldwide who understand the significance of precision and exactitude when it comes to engineering or automotive industry. Investment castings is one of the processes of making either very small or very detailed parts through a process called the lost wax casting.

What can investment castings do?
The term investment castings have nothing to do with saving money or investment for a better future. This type of casting is undeniably a very proper method for casting and though forging is more widespread, the accuracy of investment casting is very high. Aluminum bronze, low and high carbon steel alloys, magnesium and stainless steel metals could be used while casting. Extensive equipment or equipment with complicated multiple components. Starting from small frame to a large sized major airplane part, everything can be forged in to this lost wax method of casting.

The process of investment castings:
The process of investment casting is long and hence, expensive yet many companies like an airplane designing firm will not wish to compromise on sizes or shapes, and they use it for their products. It is more expensive than dye casting, or sand casting. The first step of investment casting is by making a clay or wax mould according to the component that you want. Make wax patterns as the master patterns for your parts.

This could be done separately for every curve or joint of the equipment and then you can separately pour or “invest” wax patterns and then take it separately. This has to be left to dry for few hours at least and then only it can be used for assembling. This casting is usually suitable for smooth finish of the moulds. Wax is poured in to refractory tubes then once the form gets hardened the outer shell could be dewaxed.

Metal is left inside the mould for some more time and then it is burned at very high temperature so that the parts can withstand high temperature and they become sturdy for the future.

Investment castings India have a great benefit and that is to have smooth finished parts with no parting lines or joints in unwanted places.

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