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Metal Casting companies in India- Casting types and methods

Casting companies in India

It is then extracted from the mold and sent for further finishing process. Casting companies usually carry out process of metal casting to produce complex and sophisticated shapes because other methods are not feasible to achieve sharp designed metal shapes. The method is about 6000 years old and with time normal transformation in the process has been made to attain precision casting components.

There are generally two types of casting process-

• Expandable
• Non-expandable

Sand casting – It is the most conventional process used by Casting companies in India for producing various casting components. Its recycling feature is another reason why companies follow this process in the foundry for manufacturing numerous sophisticated shapes.

Plaster casting- There is no special difference between plaster and sand casting method. In the process, professionals use plaster instead of sand for manufacturing various parts.

Continuous casting - is a refined process used for high amount, continuous manufacturing of ‘metal sections’. It is widely accepted casting method by companies in India die to its cost-effectiveness.

Die casting – is a process in which molten metal is poured into mold cavity under high pressure. The Casting companies in India use this method for producing non-ferrous metal castings.

Metal and alloy casting methods are into existence since 6000 years and still carried out under strict supervision of experienced professionals to produce precision metal casting components. Every process and method is meant for distinct metal and alloy. The casting process is done to achieve finished components that can be used by several industrial clients.

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