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The secrets behind die casting foundries and its process

Casting is the oldest technique carried out in metal foundries to melt metals to mold in the desired shape. This solidified shape is known as casting. Indian casting foundries across the globe offers two major kinds of castings- one includes metals & castings and other one includes concrete and concrete resins.

Process of Metal casting :

The complicated desired shape obtained is formed as a mold. The molten metal is poured inside the cavity and set to dry to take the mold shape and the applied shape is the final metal casting. It looks like easy to read, but while are performing, casting process includes both art and science to be used with perfection.

Types of molds used by casting foundries to carry out casting process:

  • Open
  • Closed
The open mold is types in which experts pour molten metal directly and exposed to the air. Close mold is types in which molten metal is poured into the closed cavity. This closed type molds are more often used by foundries than open ones.

It is complicated to get perfect and complete surface finishing with casting. After solidification, castings are machined to get smooth and perfect surface finish.

Importance of casting foundries in various industries
Foundries are using different techniques and methods to cast different shapes:
  • Die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Bronze casting and more

Die casting process is widely applied by casting foundries for fabricating little products. Sand casting is difficult process used for manufacturing well quality shapes as per the requirement.

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